As a math major and lover of anything chocolate, I could not be more obsessed with this piece! Dutch furniture designer and architect, Gerrit Rietveldcollaborated with chocolatier, Rafael Mutter, to create Chocolate Mill. This chocolate cylinder was organized into chocolate stacks with flavored shapes to create geometric patterns. I particularly like the sierpinski triangles shown in picture II. A crank-turned blade then shaved off the layers to reveal the patterns. You can watch the video here.  

Robin Belton ‘16

In 1960, Lange spoke about her experience taking the photograph:

I saw and approached the hungry and desperate mother, as if drawn by a magnet. I do not remember how I explained my presence or my camera to her, but I do remember she asked me no questions. I made five exposures, working closer and closer from the same direction. I did not ask her name or her history. She told me her age, that she was thirty-two. She said that they had been living on frozen vegetables from the surrounding fields, and birds that the children killed. She had just sold the tires from her car to buy food. There she sat in that lean-to tent with her children huddled around her, and seemed to know that my pictures might help her, and so she helped me. There was a sort of equality about it.[6]


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