Ramiro Gomez: Art in Immigration Protests

Gomez's work outside of the White HouseOn February 13th, the Washington Post came out with a fascinating article about the artist Ramiro Gomez.  Gomez, whose work focuses on latino laborers and their roles in wealthy communities, recently travelled to D.C. to use his art to participate in the ongoing debate around immigration reform.

Gomez’s art forces the viewer to visually interact with people (or the representations of them) that they might otherwise share space with but never talk to.  In the beginning, he painted domestic workers onto the photographs from luxury magazines to remind people of the work that went into making the lives of the wealthy comfortable.  

Recently, he’s begun to paint images of Latino immigrants onto cardboard cutouts (cardboard because it’s both cheap and as disposable as some people feel immigrants are) and place them in public areas.  The political message is strong and clear.  His work aims to remind non-immigrant viewers that these people do exist, that they are all around us, and that they are people too.

-Schuyler Krogh, ‘15

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